Saturday, 20 September 2014

Somewhere out there.

Somewhere out there someone is
Suffering; somewhere out there
Someone is crying; somewhere out
There a person needs help; be
Bold and help them.

-Might not be physical but through a gesture, a donation will make 1000 physical and energetic people keep supporting people in need all around the world.

@cliveshome - The worlds Bankable poet.

T.B. Joshua building collapse: God's doing or mans doing.

A lot of conspiracy theories are
Running wild; was it god, was it
By mans pure doing that led the
Guest building to collapse... Many
People died, gods take lives for
Different reasons and actions, but
Our man is wicked, our man can
Fall victim to lies and hate for his
Pure profit; what if corrupt ways
Brought this massive building down;
What if T.B. Joshua knew, knows, or
Is innocent of this massive tragedy;
Sometimes your name is used against
You when greater evil tries to
Smother your good ways and actions
At end.

Think about it.

It is what it is for whatever reason it is intended to teach man at end.

@cliveshome - The worlds Bankable poet.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Madman: who do we blame?

If you strike me and later say its
The madness which overpowered
You to strike out against another,
Who do we blame; the mad element
Or you; I say Hogwash... I never
Saw anyone or any element strike
Out but you! You hit me, you shot
Me, you killed me. So why at end
Feel or sympathise that somehow
One is able to be possessed into
Harming other people but yourself.
Life is crazy, crazy that other
People are crazy enough to believe
That what hurt them was not
You but a crazy element which -
Get this - evoked you to harm them.

Just a thought.

Witnessed a guy go from humble to pure kill bill in a second. But I won't let that man near me again. What if his madness comes while having a chat with him. Lol andx later he confesses saying his sorry it wasn't him who hit me over the head with a brick, or who clapped me 1000 times while laughing... Nah! I don't buy that bull.
@cliveshome - The worlds Bankable poet.

Monday, 15 September 2014

ATT. Scots: Why vote "Yes" if "No" means same old routine.

We all know of William Wallace;
We all know how proud Scottish
People are... But Scotland will fall
If the United Kingdom leaves you;
Voting "YES" to Scottish autonomy
Might destroy the Wallace dream
And bring Scotland into a civil war;
Into a third world country.

@cliveshome - The worlds Bankable poet.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Come to South Africa: kill and walk free.

Such it how we will be viewed; kill
Scot-free, walk away and you will
Be judged but set free.

Death is punishable, but for #Reeva,
I guess her death will teach us
Much more than thought.

The debate carries on!


@cliveshome - The worlds Bankable poet.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Power of perception.

Use it well or fail to see
What the world misses to
See on a daily basis; for that's
How millionaires are born.

@cliveshome - The worlds Bankable poet.