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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Ain't this a shame and a sad conclusion: "@ThisIsFusion: Thanks to this US law, Boko Haram rape victims can’t get abortions"

Did life mean for this to happen;
A lunatic raping you, forcing
His sperm to germinate egg, forcing
You to never forget being raped
Due to a live baby born not from
Normal conception but a sick act
From a crazy - normal - man; would
You abort due to such circumstances?
Would you do it regardless of religions
Unflinching ways of not allowing it.

@cliveshome - The worlds Bankable poet.

How many #tweets have you sent out with no response or #follow? "@AmericanDebate: Harold Hackett has put over 4800 messages in bottles into the ocean and has gotten 3000 responses back.#random"

That's how life goes, one is able
To trend while the other fails;
Email, letters, and word of mouth,
All favor some and all pass the rest.

@cliveshome - The worlds Bankable poet.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

"@nationaljournal: The first woman to serve in the Senate was sworn in on Nov. 21, 1922" And you? In 2015, what will you accomplish.

1922 is far but a few days ago;
1922 has forever been immortalised
By this great senate swearing in
Of this woman; 2015 is now, what
Will a few days to come say about
Your life and accomplishments.

@cliveshome - The worlds Bankable poet.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Good history is nice to remember.

Good history is nice to remember;
Especially history you did not
Know and have come to be
Educated on.

@cliveshome - The worlds Bankable poet.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

"@AmericanDebate: 12% of all the Coca-Cola consumed in America is done at breakfast.#random" The end game.

Profitable to one, allegedly deadly
In the long run to the consumer;
Food and drink is addictive, good
To eat but in the long run deadly
To the consumer; we love many
Things; but love them with ristraint.

@cliveshome - The worlds Bankable poet.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

"@FRANCE24: Mother Teresa 'to be canonised in 2016'" you go girl!

Not many get such a chance;
Lest we forget that she's human,
This saint and mother fed nations...
She without fear or embarrassment
Felt the need and calling to make
Her life a dedication towards the
Needy and less fortunate in life;
Canonised for her faith and love,
This one, I feel, is a right doing for
I truly know Mother Teresa and the
Role she played through feeding

@cliveshome - The worlds Bankable poet.

Getting fired for #hashtags: #killallwhitemen #misandry #whitetrash #GSU

Do you blame her; do we blame
Her for thinking this way? If you
Are fire and water tells you that
You behave in a hot manner - should
That make fire hot and angrier? Fire
Knows its power and rage when it
comes to blending in with its
Environment; somethings will never
Change... Fire and paper do not mix
Unless you seek to ignite purposes
For both coming together for that one
Reason of a combustion reaction.


Alleged sayings can get you fired nowadays.


@cliveshome - The worlds Bankable poet.