A good productive change is now gripping Cuba: will Cuba's old ways die with Fidel Castro.

"@UnivisionNews: VIDEO: Cubans queue for first passports http://uninews.us/X9J7OH" --extracted from twitter.

"Cubans have been flocking to their nearest immigration offices to apply for their first passports.

Travel restrictions have been relaxed and for most people, the new rules mean they're a huge step closer to leaving the country for the first time in their lives." --extracted from website, link above.


What once was taboo now roams free all
Around the world; when air had no taste...
Now in many lands can be debated (pollution);
Cuba, The Cuba we knew is breaking
Apart, Fidel Castro's power and influence
Fades slowly but surely, opening progress
And new hopes of productive change;
Cubans are receiving much more than
State-passed rewards; its good for the
People, I guess its what Castro had envisioned
Along time ago, but failed unfortunately
In creating a society equal and strong.