A terrorist mind… Every terrorist is different, though engineered the same.

It's a mindboggling wonder how our minds at end truly work, its many elements of its nature – how it records, commands, and enlightens itself, still baffles us all. The world is vast, but not as vast as how our minds, and brains are able to travel and think and redirect visions, thought and calculated; we truly are the greatest thinkers of all, able to recalibrate and adapt to any changes the world thrusts at us; beware that we at end not kill ourselves with this unique and very dangerous adaptation our species wields.

Though the mind has, if we can call it an anomaly, a side to it which unlike other creatures and species found in our world, it has the ability to learn how to kill itself if the rewards of doing so are great and vast. We see a lot of people willing to kill themselves for their so-called visions and goals; many a time, in war, you find terrorists – martyrs who are willing and having come to a full agreement with self that they are ready to die for the greater good for their visions and motives of war. The terrorist is truly a person with a formula able to separate the minds formulated compounds which work to sustain, build, protect, and nourish the person within you; and is able to manipulate that foundation of self-preservation and use it against man to kill many who think or know that a human will never be able to kill himself as the mind is not built to self-terminate itself, as its very selfish to keep itself alive above any other limb it can sacrifice as the hand, toe, finger, or leg.  So what the terrorist has managed to accomplish is what brings fear to men around the world. That the terrorist is willing to not live and grow one more day or season, willing to kill oneself for a greater thought good so that others may live… Oh how our world is! That it breeds many a martyr at times for the wrong reasons, able to be resolved, just because greed clouds minds leading such terrors to be witnessed and committed by men. One cannot kill himself unless the key to not giving a damn anymore for self-preservation leaves his soul; then anything is dangerously possible for them. Death is feared, and the terrorist mind dies knowing this truth – dying to keep its formula etched in mind as how he was able to commit the unthinkable just to prove a point that man is willing to change even when it means dying to prove the human brain and vision strong.