"@amnesty: Beheading of domestic worker shows Saudi Arabia at odds with international standards..." -Old ways, fighting new humane ways.

"@amnesty: Beheading of domestic worker shows #SaudiArabia at odds with international standards http://owl.li/gFQA5" -extracted from twitter.

"Today's beheading of a Sri Lankan domestic worker in Saudi Arabia for a crime she allegedly committed while still a child shows once more that the Gulf kingdom is woefully out of step with international standards on the death penalty, Amnesty International said." --extracted from website, link above.


Can one be proud of telling people that they
Got another person beheaded for committing
A wrong against them; is life so vile that
We truly act as demons - killing a human
Being in such a way, and a court structure
Lawfully laying down such laws, deeming
Them just and a normal standard of practice;
'Shall I write such and never step foot
In its country for asking such views;'
Death is death at end, but dying in such
A manner is no norman event if we are
To call our species humane and greater
Than it all, in our world; humans have
Realized many wrongs committed in our
Past, why not these... Stop such vile acts
Committed, and stoppable, by mankind.