Be Grateful.

We are men, we are human; we understand quite a lot and we know quite much. We love well, as well as hate with a passion if the feeling arises - we have great hopes, massive as high mountains, and when we sorrow, we fall deeper into bottomless pits deep down in our souls, very deep, unimaginable by any man who hasn’t gone through such times as these when hope and faith have all but faded away living a man questioning his faith and reasons for living in his life.

Our minds are healthy... They think greatly of all possibilities we can attain; we ponder much on our god’s existences, cherishing their greatness and power respectively. Many love their god’s though too we find those, nonbelievers, able to doubt them, a god they have heard about and doubted, without being shunned by their fellow men/believers in their midst; we love our gods; we pray to them, we sacrifice a lot to them. But the harsh reality of man’s power is seen when we find men who believe not of a god or gods... Men who willingly testify to all that none, a god, such exists; at times going beyond, if you are a believer in a god, to blaspheme, and yet at times these men are the ones who are found having great wealth, riches, and the most luck in our world.

It’s a pain, true test, if you are a believer in a god to heed teachings on how to be pure and just, only to see them, who love themselves, doing wrongs, and win at everything they touch mocking you who waits on his god for great things to come. We work all day and all night many of us, and we see nothing coming out to become a real success; our hearts fail many a time that if instruments to test our hearts beating were placed all over our bodies – when such times of depression come, when feeling like nothing will happen as success in your life, while painstakingly trying hard to make it so; in times like this the machine would confirm that your heart did stop beating, rendering you dead; when the body has given up on minds thoughts of becoming successful finding no reasons to keep the brain and soul alive, each day waking up to go work – crying because your dreams aren’t coming true, hope fading away, the body disintegrating, your faith collapsing.

This is how many of us feel in reality, the real reality of believing in a god; when not realizing the rewards you learnt about when they told you would come because faith and diligence you have proved to your god to faithfully have. Success is just a word unless applied, and being grateful with what you have now… Being able to read this word is one point/step forward to being grateful. I named not a god so as to encompass us all; my faith is mine as yours is yours… But we all learn of love, vision, strength, and power. Be grateful for today, love that you are alive, and realize that the world is given to all, and if you wake up knowing that anyone can succeed – there’s no reason then to not include yourself when classifying that everyone can succeed. I have worked the day shift and night shift in man’s companies so as to make sure I eat, drink, and carry on with my life. But now as I have come to knowing that everyone can succeed including myself; all I did was to locate my great vision I believed my God to have imparted in me… And I write well to teach well all not to fear chasing ones dream and vision. I am successful because I believed my God that I was. Let nonbelievers not believe, but I pray each day, and I succeed each day because I am grateful to have believed in my Gods teachings and grace. Become successful, it’s a great place to be in.