Brazil to inventory Amazon trees... 'And what are they logging down?'

"@dailytelegraph: Brazil to inventory Amazon trees" -extracted from twitter.

"BRAZIL will undertake the massive task of cataloguing the trees of the Amazon, in an effort to better monitor and protect the world's largest tropical forest, the environment ministry has announced." -extracted from website, link above.

What are they logging down, taking inventory
Of what... They have wiped out much of the
Rainforest already - or are they taking note
Of what's left, better to let world know
To be able to auction the best of the left
Trees; the rainforest is dying not from disease
But mans hunger and greed; our generation
Is blessed to have witnessed the rhino,
Bluefin tuna, elephants, tiger and leopard, red
And pink coral, Kaiser's Spotted Newt, Capuchin
Monkeys, Ocelots, Polar Bears, and pandas...
The list may never end, of all endangered species
Close to becoming extinct - Still alive; its a real
Reality that one day in the near future one or all
Of these marvelous creatures will be histories
Great tales; the rainforest is dying while we
See it die. Our animals are being killed while
We document and preach about how one
Day the animals we see will not die out
But be killed/poached out! Just because we
All allowed it to happen. In your time.