Cancer survivor says she was fired for medical leave... 'Sickness cares not if you are rich or poor.'

"@RT_America: Cancer survivor says she was fired for medical leave" -extracted from twitter.

"After taking leave to get a mastectomy, a breast cancer survivor was fired from her job the day before she was scheduled to go back to work, allegedly because she had taken too much medical leave.

Vivienne Parra, 39, is now suing her former employer for what she considers an unjust termination. The Oceanside, Calif., woman took three weeks of leave to undergo cancer treatment and a mastectomy in 2009, followed by three more weeks when she delivered a baby." -extracted from website, link above.


And so, another person at end feels no pain
As one feels, when they are in pain... Its
Sad to know that even I as I write this
Word at end I feel but a slight sympathy
But as long as pain not felt by I, I see
No reason for another to take long a
Leave if work and money waits for no
Sickness or cancer; our world is poisoned
By money - we live to live through being
Able to get money; sickness is no friend
Of money, it cares not if you are rich or
Poor, it will still make your life a living hell;
Its sad how compassion has long faded
Away, even when one is dying - an angry heart
Still finds reasons to make their life a
Living hell; tormenting a person for being
Sick, if not for cancer all this would have
Never been.