How many feel they will succeed; do you think you have that one skillset or gift above millions around you to be noticed and enriched through your gift or passion. Life is really annoying when trying to get yours (succeed). Pain is the cousin of success, you have to at one point want to cry, want to give up, want to forget all the hard work you had put in – for many a day or years, life having made you feel like a misfit, watching the world interact and seem to thrive while you suffer in the background waiting – while working towards your goals. Waiting for the day, time or season your goals come alive in the minds and eyes of the world; when they at end acknowledge your hard work, when having touched mankind, having made your dreams a tangible and real reality to all.

I love my fame, I wish it to be more, abundant, and real forever as long as I do my part to teach and guide the world as best I can; I seek a lot more than thought a person could imagine; the world will give me my dues… and if you feel the way I feel, or haven’t yet gotten to my stage when you now truly know that you have a good tool or gift the world should be respecting and following; when what, before, gave you boldness and excitement – having now come full circle in your eyes but most importantly in your heart; when your gift has grown too big to only stay in you! When all has been accomplished as proving to oneself, as with the time spent working towards it, the hours and hard work preparing to come out. You don’t know the road to success unless you have gone through it yourself, all I can truly say is I’m tired… my work has been done, recorded and sent out.

The world is the world at the very end; they decide on what they seek or want to follow and appreciate; your time might be running parallel to mine – with your own vision and goals; maybe this word is a message to your vision and goals, as this is what I seek to become to many a visions goals: I write to give your life a meaning and confirmation that many are ready and willing to prove that you are not alone. Succeed, do your best, try hard, work hard, and enjoy the rewards when they come. We are friends… friends in this road where we give the world our gifts moving us all forward, giving passion the reason to keep birthing children encompassing itself within them so that they too may be able to repeat and better what we left behind as motivation and growth; we are here to be here again through our next generation; so do you! Be you and be successful – for failure and defeat are a norm… lets change this norm into our desires and hopes we have for our lives and world.

I could write all day and night, but why write too much when what I have just writ about has made sense and has made us friends, good friends in this great journey of self-discovery and successful outcomes brought on by our hard work belief.