The other side of the Syrian War/Conflict: when a family fights on both sides - Against each other.

"@cnni: Syrian minister: Rebel son who died was 'brainwashed'"

"(CNN) -- A Syrian Cabinet minister confirmed the death of his rebel son, and, without a trace of grief, coldly rejected the young man's embrace of the opposition, according to a state news report.

"I disapprove and condemn whatever my son did," said Mohammad Turki al-Sayyed, minister of state for the People's Assembly Affairs, who acknowledged the death of his son Bassim. "I said it before and I disavow him again, fully even after his death." --extracted from website, link above.


War is a culprit needing no applause or
Show of gratitude from them it brings
Together to fight; it seeks none approval,
Its diligent and planed out; and if you
Allow it to run its course... If you allow
It to lead you in its wars and battles:
All its visioned out to do is to destroy
Mankind, killing man till none exist; and
Such is visible to all when a family bond
Is easily broken as in such a case when father
Disown's son, both thinking their causes
Justified; one now dead, as father keeps
His justifications to disown son alive;
Syria, your war feeds but death, nothing more.