When your Colonial Master has your back! 'French troops deployed in Mali to thwart Islamic rebel forces.'

"@BBCNews: 750 French troops involved in war against #Mali Islamist rebels & French troop numbers will rise - Francois Hollande http://bbc.in/104O4Ph" -extracted from twitter.

"All members of the UN Security Council have backed France's military intervention in Mali to fight Islamist rebels, officials have said.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said he hoped the intervention would help restore "Mali's constitutional order and territorial integrity".

Thousands of African troops are due to join Malian and French forces to help push back the rebels' offensive.

France intervened on Friday after the Islamists began advancing southwards.

French authorities said they had feared that the rebels would march on the capital, Bamako, creating a grave security threat for the wider region." --extracted from website, link above.


Not everyday do people come to ones aid;
Mali must be thanking their gods on
This full force backing by the world to
Aid it from death, disaster, and armed conflict;
I wonder why power inevitably brings
With it - such ends. The society always
Deeply affected for the better or worse
When differences lead down such a
Road as now witnessed in Mali; though
When world acts in such a manner to aid
One another defeat wrongs... Then all
Is well as a people; for too many are
Left to face their attackers alone - as
Is occurring now, somewhere, seen or
Unseen by the world.