When your life is predestined: Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Kate's, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge baby.

"@SkyNews: Daughter For Kate And Wills Would Be Princess http://bit.ly/Wu2Gkg" --extracted from twitter.


There's always two sides to a story; fame
And fortune on one side, if what you read
From book depicted this to you; or loss and
Sadness, if this was what your mind and
Heart got out of reading the same views;
And for this child... Picture two different
Couples, one on the left, and one on
The right; so close in age - but so far
In opulence and breeding; if you had
Such a start, to repeat the same start
For generations... What a family you'd
Be; Start it Now; who you are can be
What you want it to be in the near future;
Vision is given to all; Success is just
A word unless applied.