You start by working hard to build it. You work hard to develop your craft and ensure that when the time comes, when hard work and success finally meet… You take it all, you wait for nothing, and you become your names reason for its success and statue. Many have grasped what it means to continuously build up your name up, what it means to keep your name known and known and known, and known.

Why are we born; why do we live, what do you want to be or leave behind, and are you willing to sacrifice all it takes to become famous, rich, and successful. Life is full of wealth; it has everything you need though at times it’s how you must attain it which is the disadvantage. I had to first learn to write, to live alone, to be M.C.N (MAKHIWETHU CLIVE NGWENYA) the poet before I could write all day without getting what the world calls ‘writers block’. It’s the hard work which comes with the career you seek to succeed in which you must first grasp and work towards building, for mark my words… All fields seek something out of you before they can give to you what you seek out of them. Nothing waits for you; you have to work hard to get to it, and then surpass it.

Your gift is far away as the sun from the planet. Follow my lead on this: the sun cares not about what’s happening on earth; it has no clue what it does for us all… Keeping us alive, warming our planet, growing our crops, feeding the whole planet through its light and majestic power. Just like your name. Your name is far away… Though if you use and pursue it well; it will act as the sun to many people influencing much more than thought your acts can achieve. If you love your work and name, guaranteed the world will survive and grow because of it. I know many people who don’t know me; who have helped me – people in many fields not just writing, who have no relationship with what I am doing but due to their names and influences, I have become great, magnified by them and their names; respectfully tapping into their names-sun for heat, warmth, understanding, and growth. This is what you must do. You must become the sun. Who knows how far my words will go; who they will teach, enlighten, or anger. But I am the sun, and my poetry and words are the light; your minds I will warm up, nourish, and ultimately grow.

All you need is a name: Have you ever noticed where most riches of success come from; not from the career itself, but from the influences and power your name has and carries which benefit you more in life. It’s never been a secret what I am writing about, but if you seek to succeed, succeed by working hard to build your name up for the betterment of your life and world. I or my writing chose me; and this is how I am making sure no one forgets that the poet and writer M.C.N (MAKHIWETHU CLIVE NGWENYA) once existed and left an influence so powerful that many managed to break away from poverty and hard work, to become greater people, an enlightened, and strong people who read my words and benefited from them.