An Angered Mind: Chris Dorner.

"Christopher Jordan Dorner (born June 4, 1979)[2] is a former LAPD police officer and ex-United States Navy reservist. He is the primary suspect in the 2013 Southern California shootings, a series of shooting attacks on police officers from February 3 to 12 that left four people dead, including two police officers, and four police officers wounded. He is the subject of one of the largest manhunts in LAPD history,[3] now spanning two U.S. states (California, Nevada), and Mexico.[4]" -credit wikipedia.

-Though since quoting this, more events, and deaths have come to light.

What drives a man to madness; well respected at one point, though now due to his actions, all of this being sidelined, courtesy of his actions, the world media and parastatals rewriting his achievements  – Wikipedia and many other platforms prioritizing telling his life story as a killer and the man who has taken the reigns for the “largest manhunt in LAPD history, now spanning two U.S. States…”; can a man ultimately want to leave behind such a reputation; or what was a spate of anger having dug itself deep beneath the dirt, ground, and countless number of souls worldwide, inevitably he had to allow himself to be possessed by anger and hate to let this crime unfold and begin to cumulate in days and history; for he wasn’t caught on the first day on committing his crimes, but he had to prolong capture, death, imprisonment to try (if it can be pondered on – if remorse he felt) to find a way to fix all the shootouts and killings he had just left behind while trying to escape, in not one but two states in the United States of America. Or am I being too compassionate to think of Chris Dorner as having had a heart able to put reasoning to all acts of crime he had committed, and was his plan to die in a hail of gun fire, flames all around him, death his friend and ultimately his executioner.

A smiling face of the now infamous photograph of Chris Dorner when taken, did the photographer consider that a man who stood in front of the American flag, who was a man of law, who had pledged to protect and serve more than just the state; would leap forward and do the opposite shooting and killing police officers, just the same, as a brother killing another brother in a household. Tragedy is felt; pain is understood – and dying because of such circumstances… A police officer should never have to think it ever possible. Though, Rest in Peace to the brave officers who are now part of the reason why we at end have written so much on Chris Dorner and his actions. We are a marvelous species, we are! How one man can shake the foundations of what it means to always look over your shoulder for we aren’t far in front than the nature we still think to be primitive at end; which we still think to have an evolutionary step over? Yet our creatures die, kill each other and still go on for such to them is a way of life; and to us is a devilish crime thought we are able to control and watch over. Such men as Chris Dorner rewind times-evolution and progress; such men at end deserve to die and be hunted down like animals to prove a point that man if he can think and understand what it means to live together in a civil and peaceful way for the greater good of all mankind, should face his actions judgments; dying if need be to keep our species ahead of the evolutionary ladder, invisible but real.