At least: 'Streets named after soldiers killed in Afghanistan...'

"@labourpress: Streets named after soldiers killed in Afghanistan via @Telegraph" -extracted from twitter.

"By Tim Ross, Political Correspondent1:13AM GMT 21 Feb 2013 Families of soldiers killed in Afghanistan are being offered the chance to have a local street named after their loved ones, under a new campaign.

Hilary Benn and Jim Murphy, two senior Labour MPs, are writing to every council in the country urging them to follow the example of Barking and Dagenham, in east London, where the scheme has begun.

The council has already had two streets named after service personnel who died in the line of duty and a third is due to be dedicated in the same way." -extracted from website, link above.


Many deserve this posting of name; many
Died trying to keep free many lands
Besides home soil alone; war defeats
Much hate; it brings freedom and peace...
Remember them always, even if we
Pass streets by, not noticing their names
As people who once lived and helped
Us be free; remember them at least,
One day, one will ask who's name it
Is their are actually crossing through;
Opening up an adventure of enlightenment
And gratitude.