"Gene monopoly: Australian court rules in favor of genetic patenting..." Bad/harsh capitalism always finds a way.

Picture credit: AFP Photo/Anne-Christine Poujoulat.

"@RT_com: Gene monopoly: Australian court rules in favor of genetic patenting http://on.rt.com/iwghud" -extracted from twitter.

"An Australian court has ruled in favor of allowing a company to patent a human gene. Concerns have been voiced that allowing a company to monopolize genes will turn the human body into a commodity, and will adversely affect healthcare. " -extracted from website, link above.


Something taboo, Capitalism always finds a
Way to capitalize on it; same-sex marriage,
Gays allowed to roam the streets freely;
Firearms, assisted suicide, undercover
Killings of endangered species; political
Wars - left to go on for a profit; vaccines
Not distributed, funding not sponsored;
Can you see a pattern... What they
Want to give or stop - they can and
Will do; messing around with our genes
Is wrong; go beyond this taboo to capitalize...
Will see men with long legs, women with
Big breasts, this not needing surgery to
Look like this; but a simple gene... What
Will be paid for - will now be possible;
And ponder hard, what if an entire
Race disappears.