Kevin Swanson, Anti-Gay Pastor, Claims Gays Will 'Burn Christians At The Stake'.

"@HuffingtonPost: Anti-gay pastor predicts bizarre future for America" -extracted from twitter.

"A Colorado preacher, known for his controversial opinions, ramped up his anti-gay rhetoric this past week, predicting that same-sex marriage will lead to homeschooled children being sent to live with pedophiles, and implying that members of the gay community will "burn Christians at the stake."

During a Jan. 28 segment of his radio program, "Generations With Vision," Kevin Swanson tackled the issue of Colorado's same-sex civil unions bill. The conservative Swanson, who is -- perhaps unsurprisingly -- against same-sex unions, made a number of unconventional claims while he was on the topic.

Swanson said he believes America will be a very, very different place in fewer than 10 years. He then outlined a bizarre scenario, in which home-schooled children would be "swooped away" by social services and given to homosexual homes, where he said children might be abused." --extracted from website, link above.


A vision is the only element able to time
Travel into the future - describing what is
To come, in many cases being realized;
Will christians be burned at The Stake...
I guess its time to start cutting down
Trees, just in case.