Man has no heart anymore: "Man billed for ambulance that arrived after his father passed away".

Photo credit AFP

"@RT_America: Man billed for ambulance that arrived after his father passed away" -extracted from twitter.

"When 71-year-old Durand Ford Sr. was struggling to breathe on New Year's Day, his family called 911. But the man died waiting for an ambulance that took 40 minutes to arrive – and that man's family has now received a $780.85 ambulance bill.

The hefty bill adds insult to injury. Durand Ford Jr., whose father died waiting for help that came too late, said he is angry about the city's behavior. His 71-year-old father went into cardiac arrest on New Year's Eve and his family called 911 shortly after 1 am, seeking emergency medical assistance." -extracted from website, link above.


Thus is life; they want everything from you...
Even when you are mourning, someone
In your midst will not be - especially if
They will profit from it; our health care
System has degraded, from once, a
Compassionate and humanitarian cause which
Helped all sick and injured, to a money-
Troll only seeking remuneration before
Medical attention they can give to you;
Why 'should they pay...' Capitalism in such
Cases proves why so many hate its
Other side of conducting its business and