Meteor fallout in Russia... Is it a signal for more to come.

"@itvnews: Russian authorities send 20,000-strong team to help with rescue and clean-up operation after meteor explosion" -extracted from twitter.

"Meteor explosion a 'completely abnormal experience'

Tim O'Brien, associate director of the University of Manchester's Jodrell Bank Observatory, has described the metoer which exploded in southern Russia on Friday as a "completely abnormal experience".

"It made a sonic boom in the atmosphere, and that hit buildings and shattered windows. That is what seems to have caused the injuries.

It's a completely abnormal experience. This thing appeared in the distance, raced over the horizon and was followed up 30 seconds or a minute later by a huge boom as the shockwave hit the ground. I can imagine that would be very frightening..." "-extracted from website, link above


We aren't safe anymore; what the mayans
Predicted might eventually come true;
Women always get their pregnancy dates
Wrong, predicting an autumn child
Yet birthing in winter; I don't wish to
Prove the mayans right, it might be
A lowly somebody who knows when
End is coming - and it might not come
As what we have been taught or made
Famous; though this meteor experience
Has shown us vulnerable - top-side living
People; underground as we have envisioned
Might be where we spend many a holiday
Season; worship, love, work, marriage,
Living beneath the same ground which
Was once home and soil; are more meteors
Coming? Look up tomorrow morning into
The sky... 'Tell me you feel safe'.