Oregon Bakery Owner Aaron Klein Denies Lesbian Couple A Wedding Cake.

Picture credit: @HuffingtonPost

"@HuffingtonPost: Bakery owner says he would rather shutter his business than make cake for gay couple http://huff.to/XasR1G" -extracted from twitter.

"An Oregon baker could face legal action after turning away a lesbian couple who sought a cake for their forthcoming wedding.

As KATU first reported, Sweet Cakes Bakery owner Aaron Klein admitted he denied a lesbian bride-to-be service after she visited his shop on Jan. 17. The woman who filed the complaint tells the station that she had previously purchased a wedding cake from Sweet Cakes for her mother, and was only refused after she specified that this cake was for a same-sex wedding.

Klein, who reportedly owns the bakery with his wife Melissa, told NBC he was simply living in accordance with his religious beliefs by rejecting the lesbian couple's request. Furthermore, he believes his decision to deny the couple service is protected by his Constitutional right to practice his religion as he sees fit." --extracted from website, link above.


Did they really think they would be accepted
Wholeheartedly by everyone, being loved
And acknowledged by all; racism was abolished
Though its still rife wherever you go around
The world; its easy to deny someone
Something and get away with it as the cake
Incident... They might have won the same-sex case
Around the world, and are now free to declare
Openly their gayness; though many out there
Still see this as not culturally sound and just;
Many more are still to be denied wedding cakes
And much much more.