Outrage over Saudi 'blood money' in 5-year-old girl's beating death.

"Fayhan Al Ghamdi, Saudi Cleric, Reportedly Beats 5-Year-Old Daughter To Death, Receives Only Light Sentence..." -credit Huffingtonpost.com

"RIYADH, Saudi Arabia –  Online activists in Saudi Arabia are calling for harsher punishments for child abuse after reports that a prominent cleric received only a light sentence after confessing to the beating death of his 5-year-old daughter.

The social media campaign gaining momentum Sunday is the latest attempt to use the Internet to pressure the kingdom's ultraconservative rulers.

Saudi media reports say Fayhan al-Ghamdi, a frequent guest on Islamic TV programs, was arrested in November on charges of killing the girl. The reports said he questioned the child's virginity.

Saudi media say he was freed last week after serving a short prison term and agreeing to pay $50,000 in "blood money" to avoid a possible death sentence.

The money was presumably offered to the girl's mother or other relatives." -Credit foxnews.com



-not because of life itself, but because of man and the choices he regrettably makes.

Just because Fayhan Al Ghamdi managed to
Live to adulthood - seeming that we have thus
Evolved backwards enhancing our animal behavior
Once more; to beat and kill your child, as
A lion or hyena would do; to beat a helpless
Five year old. A child! A five year old child...
Think this through; if tables were turned, if she
Was older and Ghamdi younger, how would
Such an outcome have been. They say
Love conquers all; what then does, if a
Father can do such to his own.