Pain is like a fever... It goes up and down, with it, changing your mood swings.

At one point – in a matter of minutes – measurable in seconds without even realizing it; in one minute you can be happy then all of a sudden be very sad or angry, caused by mood swings derived from not being happy or anxious in your life; where an event or a situation you are in brings so many emotions that you can't take them all in one moment/go. Many sadly out there fall into such depression cycles and don't even realize it till it’s too late – when a nervous breakdown as with how a slight tremor (your depression) finally delivers a big quake, your meltdown, becoming visible to everyone that you have a problem thought only starting then! But had been felt by you, deep within your soul, prior to its coming; something if you knew was a symptom to more dangerous events... One could have prevented its damaging ways and cycles.

We have a lot of pressures coming our way; love, work, fear, growth, intrigues of what we hope for, can call upon all your emotions in one go! Equaling to you being happy sad and angry all at once… Why? Because you hope for it and somehow know you will get it, with all the rewards of getting it; or feel like it might not be, and can never come to becoming reality because of who you are, or what you have, and not have; or get angry why it’s not happening so fast for you to acquiring its successes, love included. We are human, and we dream, and fantasize big; thus , imagine all these emotions, all bursting out haphazardly in one go – in one minute – at a vital point in the day. It sucks and we have all been through such times, though if you get to understand that such times/emotions will come, then all you need to do is to find an outlet, gas valve, in your body to release all that pressure out of your body.

It’s clever to think and know that this is just a point known will come, and such points are what make great people great. Pressure either destroys what it pushes against or as a great lake, a manmade dam is held together by the same pressure it holds back, this can become your tool in making sure that you don’t succumb to all the emotions which battle inside your mind; but use them and know that when they come, it only means your instruments are now under pressure and should be addressed before a situation where you aren’t in control happens. It’s not inevitable that one can get a nervous breakdown, but it’s a calculated number of events which make such situations inevitable to come. Know the symptoms and use them all to your advantage. I wrote this word as my gas valve so that we all can have gas valves, operational and in use; and when such valves are used; man wins.