Pope John Paul II: "Pope Benedict’s Resignation and John Paul’s Suffering."

"Pope Benedict's Resignation and John Paul's Suffering ... This is a Pope whose doctrinaire conservatism has had an ossifying effect; this is a moment when we ..." Credit www.newyorker.com


Can we judge one over the other; take ones
Deeds and use them to defeat the other; certain
Times have certain demands, and elements;
What either Pope has done, what they have
Achieved in their times... One having died
And the other having lived - as, or after
The reign of pope; they can never be
Paralleled; they can never be 'litmus-
Tested' to prove who was the most potent
Pope of the two; tomorrow they will seek
To judge your actions with your future
Successor... Wait till that time to pass
Your judgments.