Saudi Arabia: 12 year old girl is given a transfusion of HIV-positive blood.

"@cnni: Saudi outrage over HIV blood transfer" -extracted from twitter.

"(CNN) -- The case of a 12-year-old girl who reportedly received a transfusion of HIV-positive blood has sparked outrage across Saudi Arabian society, with angry calls for the health minister to resign." -extracted from website, link above.


Can an apology be made in such cases...
A walk it off! Type of remedy; she's
Forever positive, and so as not to break
Her mind, if ever she one day reads
This word; HIV is not a curse. What
Has happened to you I cannot imagine
Or wear the shoes you have been dealt;
This can't be said to be a mistake! Nor
A tragedy... Such, as a poet, I am
Sorry to place as a screw-up; 'I don't
Want to depict this as a small or even
Notable event'; I don't want to be
Judged on such writing; this is beyond
Us all to understand how this 12
Year old girls life has changed. Pity
Is far from how one must feel in this
Case; only time will tell if she will be
Able to adjust to her new life's meaning.