THE END RESULT OF CONFLICT: 'Injury renders Marikana miner sterile'.

Picture Credit: ewn

"@ewnupdates: 'Injury renders Marikana miner sterile'" -extracted from twitter.

"RUSTENBURG - A Marikana miner can no longer father any children due to the injuries he sustained after being attacked by policemen during the wage strike outside Lonmin Mine in August last year.

Mzoxolo Magidiwana on Wednesday continued his testimony at the Farlam Commission of Inquiry, about how he managed to survive on the day 34 miners were killed during a clash with police.

He was shot several times and beaten allegedly by police when violence spiked in the mining town on 16 August." -extracted from website, link above.


Life, what can be said about it which
Hasn't been said about it already; how
Tragedy and happiness can occur in separate 
Incidences - far apart, or happening close
Together. He can no longer father a child,
Fighting for ones rights led thought
Victory to become a tragedy in a time
Thought revolutionary and bold. Loss
Is his reward; Even if he had decided
To not have kids... This event is painful
On him; rather the choice be yours,
And not a fateful end unconsidered.