"The Olympics are dropping wrestling": ITS NOT YOURS TO DROP!

"@BuzzFeed: The Olympics are dropping wrestling http://bzfd.it/Y7EZyP" -extracted from twitter.

"The 2020 Olympics are still a ways off, but the International Olympics Committee knows how to stay in the news, for better or for worse. Here's something firmly in the category of "worse": the IOC has dropped wrestling from those Games, meaning that, barring an unlikely turn of events, the 2016 Rio Olympics will be wrestling's last. This is insane. Here's why..." -extracted from website, link above.


Its not yours to drop! Not yours to control
But incubate making sure that no sport
Is wronged or found wanting; an absurd
Outcome... What more for the sport
I love, what more for the sport you
Love watching at the Olympics; they
Grasp not what the Olympics are; they
Have thus killed our Olympic dreams, they
Have killed what old man envisioned,
Bringing the world together, far greater
Than lands and governments forever-after;
Fight for this. This time I write out of
Anger, sorrow, pain, hate, and in mourning;
Nothing is The Olympics, nothing can
Take away its sports.