Wheelchair Tennis Champion Esther Vergeer Retires.

"Esther Vergeer retired with a streak of 470 singles wins... Vergeer, a Dutch wheelchair tennis juggernaut, announced her retirement at 31 on Tuesday in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

She retires with an active win streak in singles of 470 matches, her last loss coming a little more than 10 years ago, in January 2003. Vergeer lost only 18 sets during the streak, and she won more than a third of her sets by the score of 6-0. She had 95 6-0, 6-0 victories in her career." Credit The New York Times.


What is a limitation; well-abled people,
Many of them have no goals, no
Visions, and no drive; what truly
Stops a person from achieving a goal...
What is the key to realize your dreams
And successes. Esther Vergeer retires
Well, she has done her sport proud;
What of you? What limitations do
You really have. Find them, and
Override them.