Who do we blame: Women dumped in field after mass sterilisation in India.

"@SABCNewsOnline: Women dumped in field after mass sterilisation in India http://dlvr.it/2vySqp" -extracted from twitter.

"...scores of women were dumped unconscious in a field after a mass sterilisation in eastern India because there was no room in hospital for them to recuperate.

The women had all undergone surgical procedures at a hospital in the Malda district of West Bengal, around 360 kilometres north of Kolkata, which officials admitted was not equipped to accommodate such a large number of patients.

 The scandal came to light after news channel NDTV aired amateur footage of unconscious women being carried out of the hospital on Tuesday by men and then placed on open land.

Local health officials acknowledged that the treatment was unacceptable and promised an inquiry.

Over 100 women, mostly poor, came to the camp for the surgery. Immediately after the procedure, the doctors asked the helpers to move each of them to the adjacent field.

The incident has is inhuman and a probe has been ordered for the incident.

Medical experts also voiced shock over conditions at the hospital, where four doctors carried out a total of 106 sterilisations in one day." -extracted from website, link above.


Who is to blame... Can we blame the doctors
For helping so many women in one day;
Should we blame the women for wanting
This procedure done; are they accountable
For the lack of good infrastructure at the
So-called Hospital... India is at war, an
Unseen war - and a tough battle ensures;
Just like a bloody war needs no proper
Hospital to care for its injured - amputees
Being cut open, saving their lives; can
We blame the doctors! In one day 106
Sterilisations they did; did they enjoy
Doing the procedures, or did the Hippocratic
Oath commend them "To practice medicine
Ethically and honestly;" 106 sterilisations;
106 patients cared for, even though a
Proper hospital setting was not available
At end.