Dreams aren't achievable.

Our world has learned to play tricks on the mind. We are a curious species... We dream wild dreams, thoughts unimaginable and sometimes close to being reality. I wonder how if not for our wondrous minds – how would mankind be. How would our light bulbs, space crafts, pens and pencils have ever been created? From the thought simplest to the thought, for now, hardest and complicated invention ever built; if not for our minds, would they have ever been created. Dreams aren't achievable, it's impossible for them to come true. What they are is a carefully cultivated emotion, natured by man, made to make humanity calm, sane, and preoccupied. You see this everywhere from the Loch Ness Monster tale which has in a way kept the pure mind preoccupied, and has always intrigued us that in our world, some other life form, out there, is living its life in our time, in its own habitat, which we think it not possible to happen, or maybe is possible; and this keeps our minds juggling many aspects and reverberating thoughts; making our thoughts enriched – preoccupied to not dabble on more hard issues out there which if world took much notice on, would make our world a very different place to live in. What of the mind-preoccupying Father Christmas aspect... Now that's a guy who kept us in check (preoccupied), and forever keeps us preoccupied when we have to tell his story to our children of which I guess is not that bad of a story to tell; this preoccupation, I think it a great necessity to the upbringing of the infant mind. Though it seems that I am crushing my own reasons for writing this word, because can't this be one of the greatest, masterfully, created preoccupying-mind-limiting products of all time? For, Even I in writing can disembowel the Loch Ness Monster myth with all its mystery and great tales; but still fail to damn the Father Christmas aspect as nothing but a hoax which sells many toys and products – December made to believe to be the most special of times... It amazes me how the mind can be tricked, made to believe things which are either visible or invisible, spoke about, which can influence us to walk or move in a direction they wish us to. For example, as now, in this moment in time, my writing is trying to influence your thoughts; our thoughts running parallel to each other, trying to find common ground to meet and begin to influence one another through mutual writing needs; as I write to give you reasons to think greatly – good thoughts and outcomes in my defense – though it's how you read my thoughts, in these words, which keep you preoccupied on my skill and vision to get more out of it, whichever way this more may be. Did your dreams come true? Or have you been preoccupied for some time – for years even – chasing what you were told you could achieve if you dreamed big and pursued it till you succeeded at end. No? Yes! At least I at the very end wrote this word, dream or not, I still feel it to be what I am supposed to be doing. If this preoccupation comes to nothing, in my heart, it has. With or without your acknowledgment I still feel alive! As now, when I have written what once was not there 20 minutes ago, and had never existed – to being written by me, taking hours to write, or as usual, in a quick and perfect heartfelt note; refined and corrected at times, destined to be read and enjoyed by the reading world. Dreams aren't achievable! Only real actions of taking the dream from a Loch Ness Monster aspect to something further real as in a point in time, when Father Christmas meant something real in your life, when growing up as an infant each year come December time was as real as you and me…. Only real actions of growing the dream, moving it to the reality aspect; when action leads to physical attributes visible to our world. As with this word, this is how you succeed! It was a thought, turned into reality when at end you are able to read and follow its reasoning and composition. Nothing is real, until you make others believe it to be real.

By: M.C.N - Makhiwethu Clive Ngwenya.