Effects of good humor: taking one event, and mixing it with much much more.

Our minds are perfect; evolution has
Done its part well. We think outside
The box - a box invisible, but how
Powerful it is when one is able
To see this box, in mind. Able to create
Magic, by mixing two events as if one;
Never fail to think freely, For I
Wrote this poem using the outside-
Thinking-box vision; to write about
An event which one had already edited,
By them adapting this picture for humors sake,
Which same pure element I as well used,
To create and write about this now
Edited events brilliance! Mixing my potion
On his, and his potion on the main
Event which made all these ripples relevant
And possible. 'I am a poet...', But we all
Are poets, if this box you ultimately
Use and see.