Guantanamo hunger strike... Should we care?

"@RT_com: RT EXCLUSIVE: Guantanamo hunger strike day by day" -extracted from twitter.

"A mass hunger strike has been unfolding in the notorious Guantanamo Bay prison for nearly six weeks. RT has been badgering the UN, prison officials, detainees' attorneys and activists to get a full account of the situation.

March 20

Marine Corps General John Kelly, who spoke at the House Armed Services Committee in Washington on Wednesday, gave the reasons behind the prisoners' hunger strike in Guantanamo Bay. He explained that the prisoners "had great optimism that Guantanamo would be closed. They were devastated apparently ... when the president backed off, at least (that's) their perception, of closing the facility." -extracted from website, link above.


Its up to a mans heart to see whether
Forgiving and forgetting can be achieved;
Gitmo prison is notorious, for we all know
Why these inmates are detained there;
This an American prison - far away from
The eyes of the American people; is
This why it has such a bad reputation?
What eyes rarely see, eyes rarely remember;
And if prisoners go on hunger strike, if we
Hear that they are, and not see that
They are; the mind sympathizes but
What it doesn't see - it can never truly
Be impacted by it. A hunger strike is
Hard on the human body, depriving
The body of food, eats away at more
Than just your muscle, your soul withers
Away; ask any hungry child; ask me
Or anyone who has gone without food;
I didn't have to see another suffer;
I am the one who suffered. Please
Persuade them to stop; dying of hunger
Regardless of a symbol of protest...
Even the gods have chills when such
A dead soul comes knocking; the after-
Life is bound to feel such a determined
And hungry souls power and presence.