Sorry should be removed from the Dictionary – it has no meaning.

It helps nothing but make the one who is being appologised to more anoyed lifting once again his anger or resentment because the term and usage of sorry is but smoke – clear smoke not visible or felt; why? Because when one is done wrong to, minor or grave... Regardless of the person appologising, still, that wrong has been committed; and their apologies don't help, don't help, and ultimately don't help. We just respect its term and meaning because of what we have been educated on it to mean.

Regardless of color, and of who says it, and why they at end had to say it… Sorry is vulgar; more painful to hear – for one who is hurt or betrayed, is not in such a position to be humble to allow his or her pain to be smothered by mere talks of apologies, which are exactly what they are at end; mere talks of nothing but a way to escape retribution. Wives are the worst; your children, family members, brothers, friends, people you don’t know but once you part ways when a sorry has been thrown your way due to the event occurred, if they bumped you on the road – if something had occurred which resulted in your being discomforted by their actions. And as I try to find the best culprit who uses the term sorry the most, I cannot. All of them use this word vulgarly… Maybe he who used it first was genuine, or maybe not! For he might have used it to get himself out of harm’s way; and he who was apologized to is the one who made the mistake of accepting its terms gesture.

My wife says sorry a million times a day, my children a billion. I have learnt to keep quiet and just let the sorry-gestures come. They come expensively on my behalf…  A broken plate – which was a piece of a set, now gone; a burnt shirt which I had worn for a year, destroyed and a sorry uttered as an apology; I tell you it’s painful and the pain doesn’t go away, you just get annoyed by how many a sorry, or if it has no meaning I too can change the spelling, how many sorries can ring out in a day; and if you feel this thought and expressiveness I lament on as something you go through as well, then you know exactly what I mean, and write on. My mother always used to reply and say: ‘Okay you just said sorry for breaking this window, now you are done; now you can go out and break another one cause you feel you have fixed the issue by saying sorry; and now I have to see this broken window till I have fixed it… No more worries for you, but oh well since you said sorry then I guess it’s now fine for you’.

Rapists and murderers say sorry. Pedophiles and sex offenders say sorry. A guy who after he beats you up, and your teacher comes and tells him to apologize – says sorry and the teacher tells you it’s now over. The word is a hoax. It’s a tool to use to better your chances of not getting into more trouble, however minor or serious the offence committed would be. But I guess till the end of time this word will ring out in many a home and different locations one passes through. This word annoys me that’s all; When you look at a person who has just said sorry and you know that they are just saying it to not get into trouble or to just say it to be free – to say what the word means in the dictionary to prove (falsely) that what they have said can be found in the dictionary and it means that they “feel regret, compunction, sympathy, pity, etc…” for what they have just done; though when you are in pain, what’s a sorry to you. We just accept and keep quiet for greater reasons of one’s own preservation; avoiding the repercussions of not accepting this words gesture and meaning, might eventually land you in jail…. So fine! I accept you sorry, but just go away!