War + America = a hungry, dilapidating, falling economy; and a lost in faith American population.

Picture credit: reason.com (reason magazine)

"@reason: The Iraq War is a Reminder: These People Do Not Know What They Are Doing http://ow.ly/2vBb5G" -extracted from twitter.


What is war...? What's its purpose;
We see many countries at war;
Does it benefit the means at end;
A trillion dollars has been spent...
Americans at home are suffering,
Lacking social needs which
The government is meant to be
Providing - aiding their fellow americans
Survive, thrive, and live; each dollar
Used to fund foreign wars, is a
Dollar stolen away from the American
Population; so who is at war? If
Hunger, poverty, and lack of jobs is
A war which they could have won,
If this money had been funded
For home usage, and not military