What is the Ultimate purpose of a church... To teach what? "Church sex diploma shocks Swedish parents".

"@newscomauHQ: Church sex diploma shocks Swedish parents http://bit.ly/Z1Tcko" -extracted from twitter.

"A "SHAGGING diploma" given to youths at a Swedish Lutheran Church confirmation camp has proved too much for parents who have complained that their 14-year-olds are too young for sex.

After attending a course entitled Love and Sexuality, the teenagers in the southeastern town of Ronneby were given a certificate stating they were "qualified for sex".

Vicar Mats-Ola Nylen said the course had been organised by a man purporting to come from the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU), but the church later found out he hadn't worked for the organisation in years." -extracted from website, link above.


They say the best teacher is home schooling;
Whichever way you might think this
Home schooling to be... Did you get
To know about the birds and the
Bees from a parent, friend, or television;
What of churches? Is sex such a taboo
Topic that we starve the mind to learn
The right ways to go about doing it;
If the idea is to teach honest - life saving
Issues, let the kids know what kids
Nowadays are meant to learn so as
Not to fall into temptation; or be killed
By many a virus because no one
Educated them on this very, and real