Yes or No: 'Family of Woman Denied CPR Says She Wanted "Natural" Death'.

"@ABC: Family of Woman Denied CPR Says She Wanted "Natural" Death" -extracted from website.

"The family of the elderly woman who died after she was denied CPR at her retirement home released a statement Tuesday saying that 87-year-old Lorraine Bayless received adequate care at the Bakersfield, Calif., facility, and that she had wanted to die naturally.

The case attracted national attention after a harrowing, seven-minute 911 call revealed a staff member at the Glendale Gardens independent living facility had refused to perform CPR, or find someone else to perform CPR, on Bayless after she collapsed. "-extracted from twitter, link above


Who was there, when she commanded
This of the people to obey and honor;
At such an age, did wisdom or an
Old mind decide this outcome vividly,
Or through a dynamic vision; who says
A wish cannot be honored no matter
How vile or innocent the act may be;
She died because no air was forced
Down lungs which had already served
Its purpose... It might not have been
A pleasant death, but nevertheless
Someone saw fit to give an old woman
One last wish and command.