Trust me, once you see a person die, and you know you had a part to contribute in that person dying; life hits you hard. You learn to live as if there are two of you living in one body – you wake up and get out of bed, on both sides of the bed… You become two people. Not in a possessed way, but in an acknowledging way knowing that what if, for example: 'my cousin passed away in the passenger seat of the car I was driving (major accident)' and you ask yourself what if it wasn't him but you who died, depending on the burden your mind carries… How would he be living his or her life right now? Unlike the way you are living yours. Emotions roller coast inside your mind, when you laugh, you ask yourself why you are laughing; would he have laughed if he was alive and in the same scenario and position you are in; or would he be somewhere else, crying, loving, or just somewhere else and not where you are.

Death is hard because you can never come back from it; each year when you age on your birthday, that memory of the one you lost, ages with you. You learn to celebrate maybe not his or her actual date of birth, but the day of his passing, when you both died physically and emotionally due to the circumstances of that unnatural, some call it fateful, day. You only have one life to live! And there's no coming back from it. So when you live, live knowing that someone else couldn't get this time and season, this chance to read this word… Not classifying it as a major milestone that we all must read, but it's a symbol that someone else who is dead can never come alive to read this word and die again – them marking on their wish lists as something they always wanted to read; one word of mine such as this one, or to just read and die as a symbol of one being able to do so. Love life, respect your living; be real, do something good; go somewhere nice, market your gifts, make love and enjoy doing it just once, and mean it when you thank life that you are alive. For it can all come tumbling down, six feet under to be precise; it can all finish even after reading this word, though if you are still alive, after reading this note, do as it tells… Be alive! Get the chance to claim it and be happy doing something you know many aren't able to do. Eat ice cream, play with your kids; ask for a day off! Call in sick, be the one who at 11am you are free on a Tuesday to go out and watch a movie, or walk down the road and see how the other side of life lives – when they don't have to work all day, when they can walk down the road only to walk back up it again because they can.

Don't be reckless, but be free to be reckless if you know you can be. Live life, for you only have one life! And there's no coming back. 'I'm serious'.