Boston Marathon Bombing: America was busy looking offshore, and not at home, for attackers.

"@AJELive: Deadly explosions hit #BostonMarathon; 3 dead (including 8-yr-old), 139 injured | Watch @AlanFisher's video report:" -extracted from twitter.

"@RT_com: Boston police analyzing more video footage taken by eyewitnesses of #BostonMarathon explosions." -extracted from twitter.

"@BBCNewsbeat: Two explosions at the #BostonMarathon have killed three people and injured more than 100. Are you running the London Marathon? Worried?" -extracted from twitter.


How America is easily shaken; death to
Them is a feared outcome when it comes
From another's doing. They are so detailed
When defending America offshore, in
Other continents - and this leaves a
Gaping hole open for any hooligan to
Kill American lives because they aren't
Monitored, viewed as evil men, unless they
Are foreign; its a sad day in Boston, for
They feel the pain of this vile act of
Hate... Its time America took care of
America. You worry of foreign killers;
I fear your killers are closer to home
Than pondered on.