Picture credit: OMGFACTS

"@OMGFacts: A man planted a 1360-acre forest all by himself! --->" -extracted from twitter.

"A man planted a 1360-acre forest all by himself!

As a teen, Jadav Payeng began burying seeds near his birthplace near the northern Indian Assam region. Soon after, he moved there permanently to dedicate his life to growing this forest. His life work has resulted in a massive jungle of 1,360 acres that he planted single-handedly!" -extracted from website, link about.


Sometimes what you do, you might not
Know its greater purpose which it will
Fulfill, though you just do it out of boredom
Or desire; such is what brings forth greatness
In our world. From inventions built,
To communities birthed, life requires
Ones dedication towards a certain goal
To push the rest to act for the goodness
Of our world. Our planet thrives when
We thrive.