Even a layman knew this would occur: "Pentagon struggles with high cost of health care".

"@HuffPostPol: Pentagon struggles with high cost of health care http://huff.to/14RntY2" -extracted from twitter.

"WASHINGTON -- The loud, insistent calls in Washington to rein in the rising costs of Social Security and Medicare ignore a major and expensive entitlement program – the military's health care system.
Despite dire warnings from three defense secretaries about the uncontrollable cost, Congress has repeatedly rebuffed Pentagon efforts to establish higher out-of-pocket fees and enrollment costs for military family and retiree health care as an initial step in addressing a harsh fiscal reality. The cost of military health care has almost tripled since 2001, from $19 billion to $53 billion in 2012, and stands at 10 percent of the entire defense budget." -quoted from website, link above.


Nothing is for free; Nothing is given
Without nothing taken; Universal Health
Care comes at a price; what you thought
Would benefit you - now shows its
Skeletons in the closet; always read the
Fine print... Or else one day you will
Sell your soul to the devil.