Now living for my family, I had my chance, and "F" it up.

Poem of thought:

Is there any wrong if I want to live for
My wife and children; to feed them, clothe
Them, and watch out for them. Its my
Decision... Its now my pride and joy
To see my family grow.

Reasons for poem:

The world is marvelous no doubt about it; you can win if you play your cards right, and you can fail dismally if you think you can cheat fate and not do what you are supposed to do in order to win. My world - my life - has seen much... I know death, I know love, I know hard work, and most importantly I once new hope. I had a dream but it didn't fail me and I didn't fail it, it just happened that I didn't get a chance to prove to you that I am a poet and writer you are meant to follow and admire. Life is hard, even harder if you know your potential and watch it wither away not because you didn't put your time and labour into it, but because somehow it just didn't manage to thrive. The world is yours... Try all your best to not fall from your hands.