Madman: who do we blame?

If you strike me and later say its
The madness which overpowered
You to strike out against another,
Who do we blame; the mad element
Or you; I say Hogwash... I never
Saw anyone or any element strike
Out but you! You hit me, you shot
Me, you killed me. So why at end
Feel or sympathise that somehow
One is able to be possessed into
Harming other people but yourself.
Life is crazy, crazy that other
People are crazy enough to believe
That what hurt them was not
You but a crazy element which -
Get this - evoked you to harm them.

Just a thought.

Witnessed a guy go from humble to pure kill bill in a second. But I won't let that man near me again. What if his madness comes while having a chat with him. Lol andx later he confesses saying his sorry it wasn't him who hit me over the head with a brick, or who clapped me 1000 times while laughing... Nah! I don't buy that bull.
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