Polygamy: A true African tradition sconned, not understood, because forgotten.

After watching an African polygamy
Family broadcast on television; we
All grew up knowing of polygamy, but
Viewing one in an actual polygamy
Lifestyle brought about mixed emotions.
My firm christianity in me felt sick...
Powerful the man is to manage four wives
And ten kids; but all that effort demands
A different type of man - and the women
Are different to the ones we love and
Marry. How many wives can accept a
Lifestyle as this? Unless growing grew up in
That cultural exposure; not new to hear
About - not shocking to fantasise yourself
In such a relationship. Much African
Culture has been lost due to growth; my
Traditions I now see evil - An Abomination
To life - yet this is how some Africans still 
Live: 'Some that is....'