Real success is planned.

If I can tell you one decade I have spent
On this journey, writing and writing, at
Times asking myself, 'Am I not mad...'
Which writer (African) has ever made it
Big in the world; will anyone out there
Ever read my work...? These thoughts
Constantly nagging, while trying to finish
The word I'd be writing. So called, easy
Success is a myth; pound for pound
Boxing is deserved, you just don't get the
Title belts without putting in the time and
Effort. Ask me; Mayweather, Lebron,
Sharapova, Serena, and even, 'Wendy
Williams...' good succes which lasts
Forever requires your time, effort, and
Persistence. Easy come, easy go is never
Our target, plan, or be conned into
Pursuing. If you know what you want,
It's very difficult for someone to come
And move you away from it.