My Vision and Work....


One of the most common fears is "Metathesiophobia," which is the fear of change.

Matathesiophobia (noun) – The persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted fear of change.” –

Why do we stay at one point? when – and where – you are meant to be going further in life. Why fear a new road if the old path is too heavy a burden to control. We see many staying in long relationships at work, home, life, education, and loyalty to circumstances only metathesiophobia can truly hold on a person; limiting your goals and potential for more.
‘If we had not discovered this fear...’ If whosoever had not been bold enough to research its doings on the human psyche; how would you know that many have a common problem like yours in the first place? I fear my success at end. I fear that one day people will truly read my poetry and work. And what keeps me at my current job, even though it breaks my back and is tough on my soul; is the fact that at least this burden I can somewhat control. I wake up go to work, get stressed, come home and cry inside my soul; thinking of the 'what ifs' if only my writing career would give to me, when it comes to being. Though I too fear the 'what ifs' it could give to me (success and fame) at end; If I will be responsible, and tough enough to embrace it all at end.
This word might be read one day... If ever it does get read one day at the very end. For when I write, it’s just me, before anyone/you notice and read my work – it was just me and my passion, and hard days and hard nights work. There is no one on my side (as I am writing now) helping me note down what you are reading; no one helping me teach or give my opinions as I am doing now; but my passion and great love for building man’s mind. And even though I fear my success, jinxing myself somehow hoping it won't come to light; although, just in case it does come to light – having educated myself and prepared myself mentally, having written so much for so many years; I still hope that it will come to reality; I still hope I will succeed yet fearing what if I really and truly succeed in the literature world when the vision finally becomes reality. The rat-race is eating away at me slowly – and for a person who knows what he possesses as gift, and a reason to truly pursue it for its riches and rewards of doing so... It’s painful to get out of bed each morning to do something you know you would have been okay doing if you had no vision and dream in the first place. I cannot stop doing what I’m doing (writing); it’s too late to throwaway my vision and passion.
Many minds are like mine. Very confused and scared, though very eager to get the rewards of working diligently to get the rewards at end. I love my passion, I love my work. I teach for a reason, so that your life grows well through the insightful knowledge I have written. Much is to be taught and learned, though if today you understand just a bit on what I have written... If what I wrote on did shed some light into your life’s vision and path; without explaining much on fear itself, but shedding light on the purity of fear itself. I hope you understand what fear is, and what it means to still push forward regardless of fearing fear, fearing becoming that which you desire, and work hard to accomplish.